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Operational since 2005

Precision Air UAS was one of the first companies in the United States with an autonomous flying multirotor drone platform. We deal with precision systems on a daily basis and know all the strengths and weaknesses of uas platforms and what their capabilities are. We are very precise with everything we do in UAS applications, making us your number one choice in Unmanned Vehicle Systems!


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30+ Years Of Experience In UAS and still growing!!

Precision Air UAS was founded in 2005 with the goal of developing the most advanced technology on the market for small, long-lasting unmanned aerial vehicles.


Our culture is based on developing the best operational techniques using the most efficient methods and practices.


Our products are ready to be used in the most demanding conditions in the world and perform the most demanding missions possible.


Understanding advances in unmanned aerial vehicle hardware, advanced LiDAR and photo surveying methods, and drone computing technologies based on machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide unmatched and reliable drone services.


We’re a group of pilots, mechanics, veterans, and logistical professionals who ensure that every mission runs smoothly. We’ve been successful because we treat our coworkers like family and do what we enjoy.






Precision Air UAS

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