Advanced Robotic Intelligent Aircraft


  1. With many years of research and development ARIA brings a whole new level of Autonomy to the table. ARIA is capable of performing a wide variety of autonomous tasks.
  2. ARIA is very user friendly, with the click of a button you will be off and flying missions.
  3. With 2 Centimeter GPS location ARIA will be locked on to your mission with precision and accuracy.
  4. With dual GPS systems and 3 compasses built into each housing to ensure the highest of accuracy and safety during missions.
  5. Capable of flying with 2 stopped motors making sure systems know and respond accordingly for safe landing in any situation.
  6. Dual on-board Autopilot systems for fail-safe to back up autopilot system for safe and precise missions at all times.
Long Flight Times

Heavy Lifting

Cost Effective

User Friendly

Advanced On-Board Technology

The power is in ARIA

Advanced robotic intelligent aircraft

HD Video Transmission

Mission Planning

Artificial Intelligence

Long Range

Modular Sensors

Launch time is closer than ever

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